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  1. Hello, i would like to know if it’s possible to book any room for two people for at least 4 days ? thanks in advance.

    • yes, no problem to book for 4 nights. But the availability depends on when you would like to come, just email us and check.

  2. We stayed in Mai Pen Rai in March 2013 and had 3 perfect weeks and will be happy to return this year.MaiPenRai is really peaceful with everything you need to enjoy you holidays. Beautiful sea with nice sandy beach and a river next to it. Excellent food and a choice of restaurants. Especially with 2 small children we were excited to see how easy life was and met many other families like us.Thanks to Fiona Thip &amp; the friendly staff with the genius Dr. Singh who made us enjoy our stay even more !Marcus, Tara, Lenny &amp; Sunny

  3. aint actually stayed here….yet….visting ko pphan ngan in November,reding guestbook comments makes me think I gonna love this place…

    • Me too!
      My 4 year old daughter and I will definitely visit next year when we come to Thailand. Yeepee This is just the kind of place I’ve been looking for!

      • We look forward to welcoming you here. Please contact us when you know the dates you are interested in. All the best from our corner of paradise.

  4. Hello dearest Thansadet people,
    are there any signs of development yet on Tong Reng?

    We might return to your beautiful place in November, but we will have a tight schedule.

    Do you, or will you, accept Bitcoins for payments?

    All the best to you all


  5. Just returned from Mai Pen Rai. we had 10 extraordinary days and will certainly return.
    If you are looking for peace and a quiet environment away from the bustling tourist areas, then this is the right place to go.
    There are not many places left like this and hopefully Than Sadet will stay like this for many more years.
    Thanks and Regards to the friendly staff who made us enjoy our stay even more !
    Hauke & Kristin

  6. We will arrive in december 11 2012, only booked for three days as we never been here before. We booked a family bungalow on the rocks and think/ hope we will love this place.

  7. only three weeks until we're back at haad sadet… yes! the wait is almost over!

    i will defeat allcomers at Bouncer Top Trumps

  8. What a great place! Cool staff – P'Nok, P'Woot and everyone else: you guys made our days :D

    Mai Pen Rai is the perfect place to relax and meet new friends. I'll definitely see you again! Keep rocking!

  9. Hello everybody,

    Mai Pen Rai is the most beautiful place to stay in Koh Phangan if you're looking for nothing else than Calm, Beauty of the Nature, nice people and good food.
    I was there for the 3rd time, and just cant wait to turn back as soon as possible.
    All the bungalows are built with so much love and the staff and owners try everything to make your stay unforgettable

    Thank you for everything&hope to see you soon

  10. Just a wee message to wish all friends at mai pen rai, and those who we met there in december 2011, all the best for 2012 and the future.
    Myself and my fiancee had a unforgettable 8days on the beach, were welcomed beyond our expections, and met some friends for life whilst there. DONT LET THE JOURNEY THERE QUESTION YOUR BOOKING!!!!
    Thanks to Fiona , Teeps , Chocalit (spelling!) ,Lily,Rosalie,Benjamin, and all staff for a memorable stay, and we hope to meet again in the future.

    mark+gemma – beach bungalow room 2

  11. have finally arrived back, and the wifi is working. Just want to say how happy I am to be back. Thank you for creating this beautiful place for us to enjoy.

  12. One of of the most beautiful places I have been. It was calm, quiet and relaxed, yet lively when you wanted it to be. The restaurant is a great place to meet people who are also travelling from all over the world. I loved the atmosphere and of course, the beautiful beach and river! Advice and help is always available as well if needed. I hope I will return very soon:D Thank you for a wonderful stay.

  13. Than Sadet will always hold a special place in our hearts, thank you to Teep, Fiona and all the wonderful, hard working staff – Oy, Nok, Pew, Thatma, Peng, Pourqois, So, Go, Moukai, Oh-Oh, Singh, Wat and Ree..sorry if anyone has been left out!
    MIssing you all and our games of pool!

    Hello to all the fab people we met there.
    Thank you for the most amazing 7.5 months, hope to see you all again xx

    R.I.P Karoon xx

    Lots of love…Soulla & Andrew xx

  14. Once again……. such a beautiful stay!!!! But SO difficult to leave!!!!!! Thanks to Fi & Teep for making it so wonderful, and of course to the rest of the gang as well. Such a fantastic group of people!!!!

  15. We fell in love with Mai Pen Rai when we visited in Jan/Feb 2010, and have been dreaming and plotting how to get back ever since! Talked it up so much we've convinced some friends to come with us this Jan/Feb (2012) to avoid some of the Canadian winter. As soon as we confirm our flight plans we'll be booking a bungalow on the rocks.

  16. Lovely as always,we had the most beautiful bungalow i ever stayed in,it was hard to leav.
    Hope we come back soooon.Miss you.
    lots of love to all of you in Mai Pen Rai.
    The Family Bonde :clown:

  17. The most special and amazing place! Perfect if you want to relax surrounded by a beautiful nature, almost private beach without the flow of the tourists, nice and different style bungalows for a reasonable price.
    Mai Pen Rai restaurant is charming cosy; the food is so delicious and the Menu with vide selection.
    And the service is really with a personal touch!!!
    I love this special place!!! It’s made with LOVE!
    Thank You, Fiona & Teep, for the wonderful time and unforgettable experience!

  18. Fiona- Once again a superb time had by all…met some great folks again – so love to the gang of 11, the boyz from India and not forgetting the wonderful Alex with the Tommy Cooper tatoo and wonderful Gavin and Tristan.If any of the above read this, get in touch, I would love to hear from you all.

  19. Fiona and all Staff,
    thanks for a fantastic time. 6 swedes will never forget the stay at Mai Pen Rai and the nice attitude from all yor staff.
    We hope to be able to return soon.

  20. 1999 was a good time there with you guys and so were the years after that! Its 2010 now and my boy is only 20months old and still a Than Sadet Virgin! Will not be long till in re-introduce myself and the family! Teep and Fiona, all the best, your young un ain't going to be so young anymore eh!! Love to all, see you in the near future! Phil

  21. I heard that it had been stormy there in Koh Phangan, and especially in than sadet. hope that the storms didn't damage too much. Good Luck for the new season, and hope to be back with you next year sometime. Thank you for the happy times. love from us all as always.

  22. It's been a long time that we have spent a week at Mai Pen Rai ( March 2010, in Bungalow no 31)… but not a day goes by without me thinking of the wonderful time we had at Thasadet Beach. Thanks to Fiona, Phi Nok and everyone else, who made our stay so pertect!
    We are already planning our next trip to Thailand beginning of next year and will make some time to come back!!

  23. We first visited Mai Pen Rai in December 2009. Spending 3 weeks at Mai Pen Rai in December , with such beautiful people, beautiful beach and cute bungalows, we fell in love with the place and decided to ask Fiona and Teep if they were willing to organize our wedding in august 2010.
    Fiona organized our wedding in a fantastic way, very lovely staff, wonderful decoration, long tail boats to make a boat trip, great food, cocktails, a stunning wedding cake, fabulous music (a wonderful Japanese guitarist during the ceremony and a dj at night), fireworks, a great fire show from Nok, floating candles etc. Everything we wished for on our wedding day came out wonderful and beautiful thanks to Fiona, Teep and the staff. Our wish was to marry with all our guests dressed in white and even the staff was dressed in white on our wedding day!!!
    We can't think of anything bad to say about Mai Pen Rai. It was our dream destination in December 2009 and August 2010 our dream came true.

  24. Mai Pen Rai is a wondrous place to idle away into soft dream love light land. Our family enjoyed the beach, the swimming, the stunning views that reminded us of NeverNever Land… silvery sunrises, the best steamed fish ever, cruising monitor lizards and the 'Imminent Tiger' are not to be forgotten. And the family that runs this place is just lovely…they welcomed our daughter with such openness and many romps were had thanks to sweet Lily and Rosalie. Thank you all, especially Na who works her butt off!! Take care and we'll be back for sure…

  25. Hi Guys, I just left yesterday. I am now in a hotel in Surat Thani, awaiting a flight out in morning to Bangkok and then home. Thank you for everything, thank you for making me feel at home, even when you were all run off your feet in your mad busy rush this month. Thank you for the wonderful food, always delicious from the kitchen there, and for the beautiful space just to be and come down to earth. As I said before, hoping to be back at Christmas with my boyfriend. Take care all of you.

  26. :cool: I miss this place so much. I had the best time ever and I'm going back next year. I can't really improve on all the nice things said in this guestbook! Hello to Fiona and the Mai Pen gang. Hope to see you soon!

  27. Dear Fiona and the Mai Pen Rai Team, we just wanted to say thank you for everything and tell you how much we have enjoyed our stay at your place!!! We still miss the beautiful beach, the amazing bungalow, great food, Dr. Singh…..and of course our dog Fritz!! Please say hello to everybody from us (take care of Fritz/sang thong), we’ll be back soon (maybe on honeymoon)
    yours anna and axel

  28. Hi Fiona and Teep, hope you dont mind me putting this message here. A friend is sorta missing in the Middle East and I know he reads this page occasionally, so ANDREW if your ok let your family know mate.

  29. hello. what an experience. even falling off the motorbike getting there was worth it. advice to anyone, if you are not good on the bike, come by car, it is worth it! i stayed in the new river room, and although i was disappointed not to get a beach room, they are a bargain, cheaper, really massive (never thought i would get marble floors for 400 Baht), and i could watch the big iguanas in the river from my balcony. mai pen rai is my new holiday place. thank you to all of you. Gillianx

  30. Big thanks to everyone for another wonderfull pleasant relaxing stay! Nothing was too much effort for you guys, the service, food and happy smiling faces really make Mai Pen Rai special :)
    Special thanks to Pen ( you really are fantastic Pen, ALWAYS smiling and happy and joking. You really make a HUGE contribution to Mai Pen Rai Pen and I thank you from the heart), Boa, Ning and Nok. Also, huge thankyou to Porn, your the best mate, one in a million and I hope to catch up with you soon. Wish you were back in TS, but not to worry, we will catchup again soon.
    HIGHLY recommend Mai Pen Rai. Cant recommend it highly enough actually :)

  31. Thank you Mai Pen Rai, for a wonderful time at Than Sadet. The place, people and hospitality makes your place a home-away-from-home. In a time where Big Resorts are fastly taking over the wonders of the island, your place feels like a hidden gem. Wish i could've have stayed much, much longer. Take care, Laurine Verweyen

  32. :turning: Thank you to Mai Pen Rai and the team of staff running the place, i have never felt so relaxed, ever. I love the ideas behind this place! Take care all of you, and see you soon.

  33. hey you gang how are you? well to say this Nok Bao and Pen make it so do Mr,Teep and Miss Fiona..
    so what is so good well it need no more words from me i love this plae and not only mpr but a few other of the places as well see you around ;-)and stay well all of you!

  34. I just left a few days ago, with all the ongoing travel organised for me by Katie, and now am at Surat Thani airport waiting to go. Thank you guys, what a team you have got together Fiona and Teep. I had tears in my eyes when I left, and really am already planning the dates for next year. I had doubts coming to a place like this, but the lack of electricity late at night, and the cold water in fact added charm to the place.
    keep it just as you have done it. :-)

  35. Hello Mai Pen Rai Team,
    I booked with you months ago, on recommendation from a friend, and from your website (which must say is absolutely on the ball), knew that this was the right place for me.
    When I arrived, I realized that this place was perfect for me, and could have stayed for months. The food, the atmosphere, the spirit of the place was for me better than the most expensive places I have stayed in, and I have never felt more at home or relaxed than this holiday here at Mai Pen Rai. I stayed in a family room on the rocks, and the bungalow was like a house, loads of space and privacy. I will definitely be back, and the next time with my fiance.
    Thank you Fiona, Steve and Teep
    Number 41! (incase you have forgotten).

  36. :-) Hello Fiona and Teep, it was too long between the visit years ago, and the last one of 3 weeks ago. I will come more often now. Wow, what work you have both achieved, I never thought that you could make that restaurant more beautiful, but the new sala's in the garden are so stylish as are the new bungalows. Well done! I so appreciate the work and thought you have put in to your home, thank you. As usual the food was the best (well done little Pen), and boat trip fantastic! Take care, and will be back soon to your little corner of the earth soon. Say hello to your mum and dad.