Mai Pen Rai offers a large variety of bungalows to travelers on different budgets, with Bungalows On The Beach, Bungalows On The River, Bungalows On The Rocks, Wooden Bungalows On The Beach, and also big Family Bungalows On The Rocks.  Each bungalow is totally different, not one being the same. All the cabins are artistically and thoughtfully designed to harmoniously blend in with the beautiful surroundings, incorporating the large granite boulders into the design of the bungalows.

The paths up through the rocks and through the famous little cave have been re-landscaped artistically to fit in with the rocks to provide a beautiful and scenic route to your room. The rooms themselves have more special touches with the sense of the traveling spirit always in mind, making your Mai Pen Rai Experience something even more special and memorable.